October 1st - 4th 2015 Sandwich guitar festival

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‘Arranging For Guitar’ - Sunday 4th Oct. 3.30pm - 4.30pm

Of course you can download someone else’s arrangement of that tune that you’d love to play as a solo piece on your guitar, but how cool to do your own unique arrangement and perform that instead!

Shaun Murray will explain how he approaches the task of arranging a tune for his guitar and who better to learn this from. He has dozens of examples on line and turns out new scores at an almost industrial rate!

Shaun will discus how you can break the tune down into ‘parts’ (bass, accompaniment and melody) before finding the best positions on the guitar to create a solo version. Bring a guitar and notepad…

The earlier workshop ‘Introduction to fingerstyle’ would be worth attending if you are new to the fingerstyle technique.